8 Creative Snow Activities to Do at Home

8 Creative Snow Activities to Do at Home

So, you’ve built snowmen, made snow angels, thrown snowballs at each other in a mock battle and are now out of winter backyard activity ideas.


And yet, with a bit of imagination, it’s easy to come up with fun and novel things to do. Here are 8 ideas to try out right away with your children!

1.   Ice Bubbles

Blowing bubbles isn’t an exclusively summer activity. Give it a go when the temperature drops well below zero. The bubbles will freeze, and the kiddies will have lots of fun playing with them! Not to mention the magical atmosphere you will create! Wait until after sundown: the ambiance will be even more enchanting with the reflections of your house’s outdoor Christmas lights dancing on the bubbles’ surface.


2.   A Ninja Course

Get your hands on a ball of yarn and tie lengths of it through the trees if you have a forested yard, or use the garden furniture, fence, gazebo, etc. The idea is to create a web of crisscrossing strings at various heights replicating the laser grids seen in heist movies. The game’s objective is to travel from one end of the course to the other without touching the lasers. i.e., the yarn.


3.   Snow Art

Is your home’s exterior cladding brick or stone? These textured surfaces on which snow adheres surprisingly well are perfect for creating lovely drawings. You can also employ the same technique to write out words and short inspiring messages. For an extra challenge, form the images by throwing snowballs instead of by directly pressing the snow onto the house. Walk around your residence to uncover more natural canvases, such as a wood fence or the shed.


4.   A Maze

If your property is on a large lot, it might be fun to build a maze in the snow. No need to embark on a complex engineering project: simply trace paths by dragging your feet in the snow. Don’t forget to include dead ends and detours on the way to the exit.

5.   A Picnic

A milder day is the best time to attempt an al fresco dining experience. Take advantage of the fact that you are right by the house to prepare a hot meal like a comforting soup served in a heat-retaining container.


6.   Spray Painting

Here you artist’s medium is spray bottles filled with water tinted with food colouring that is applied directly onto the snow. Let your imagination run wild! You could, for example, have all family members participate in creating a large-scale masterpiece together, each armed with their own spray bottle!


7.   Winter Brought… Indoors

Fill some deep bowls with snow and bring them inside the house. These containers are now sensory bins that toddlers will love! Include toys such as cars and trucks to make tracks on the snow. Use the above-mentioned spray bottles filled with tinted water to colour the snow. Or take out small bowls and measuring cups so that you little ones can scoop up and empty the snow from one vessel to another. In short, the possibilities are endless! Plus, this is a great way to play in the snow while avoiding the cold.


8.   An Outdoor Kitchen

Pull out your pots, pans, cups, spoons, and other utensils to prepare hearty winter dishes. Snow, stones, branches, and anything else you can find in your yard can be used as an “ingredient.” Your kids will love this game of pretend chef!


With all these new ideas, your youngsters will have no excuse not to play outside when the next snowstorm hits.

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