Combating Urban Sprawl: Spotlight on Residential Projects of the Future

Combating Urban Sprawl: Spotlight on Residential Projects of the Future

For some years now, the Quebec government has wanted to limit urban sprawl and thus increase population density. 


Notably to conserve natural habitats. It is well understood that building new neighbourhoods involves modifying the environment in significant ways. It is also a means of reducing infrastructure spending and streamlining drinking water management.

Appealing Residential Projects

But how to convince people to move to cities and give up the idea of a home in the suburbs with a private yard and lots of space … in favour of a condo unit? By making these buildings great places to live!

To this end, new urban planning regulations have been enacted, spurring developers to deliver apartment buildings that offer something for everyone.   

Let’s take a closer on these residential projects’ special amenities which are sure to become ubiquitous in the coming decades.

1.   Underground Parking

To compensate for the lack of space, many cities and municipalities require that new multi-unit housing developments provide an underground parking area. This is all the more effective in condominium buildings since the number of residences per square foot is quite impressive.

It is also practical for occupants as they never have to remove snow from their car, and they don’t get wet bringing their grocery bags inside when it rains. Moreover, these parking lots often have a few charging stations for electric vehicles. 

2.   Proximity to Green Space

To make these environments more appealing, they usually include green spaces, such as a wooded area, a nature trail, etc. Developers can likewise take advantage of existing city-managed natural infrastructure, like a park or a bike path, that already has all the desired characteristic. If this is not possible, a green roof at the top of the building is an extra feature that is sure to please unit owners.

3.   Facilities for Outdoor Fun

In addition to a rooftop patio, these buildings can include all kinds of additional interesting amenities, such as a communal garden where residents can grow their own veg and herbs. Some buildings have an outdoor kitchen for afternoon barbecues under the sun while others have an inground pool with several comfortable lounge chairs. For many, this community lifestyle is just what they are looking for.


4.   Easy Access to Public Transit

These buildings are often well served by buses or trains to allow residents to travel within the city or to a major centre. The result is fewer vehicles on the road.

5.   Common Areas for a Better Lifestyle

These residential projects are equally designed to provide owners with living space beyond their individual units with common rooms to improve occupants’ quality of life.

This can be a fully equipped gym, a shared workspace for telework, a meditation or reading area, etc.

6.   Close to Services

Because they are in the hearts of cities and not in the suburbs, these residential developments are within a few blocks of everything (or almost). Without having to rely on a car or public transit, owners can typically access different services on foot (pharmacy, grocery store, school, daycare, dentist, etc.).

7.   Maintenance Staff to Assist the Owners

On occasion, the resident owners are lucky enough to be able to count on staff they can call if they have management question, plumbing problems, or issues with neighbours. These people are paid with the condo fees, which are, of course, higher than they would be in a building without this kind of service nor common areas.

8.   Family-Oriented

It is widely known that parents prefer to raise their children in the suburbs so they can have access to a yard. Yet we may see more and more buildings in urban settings designed to meet the needs of families with young children. They may offer services such as a daycare within the building, outdoor play structures or a communal playroom on one of the floors.


It wouldn’t be surprising if in the coming years an increasing number of amenities were integrated into these residential buildings. Would you like to live in this type of dwelling and in this way contribute to limiting urban sprawl?

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